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Chassis Straightening Technology

Advancements in ‘chassis straightening’ technology have made it easier to restore a damaged frame on just about any vehicle. In the past, some vehicles were simply beyond repair. If they sustained enough damage in an accident, they were usually considered a complete and told loss. However, that has changed today with the introduction of new and improved frame straitening technology. In fact, students training in the field of ‘automotive body repair’ will undergo complete instruction in the use of this new technology. These new students will leave school and have the ability to straighten even the most damaged automobile frames.

Take for instance, Jacqueline. She was making a routine trip to the grocery store as she does every Saturday morning. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The weather was nice and sunny. As she was about to turn into the parking lot though, all of a sudden a car slammed into her rear-end. The resulting impact pushed her into the oncoming lane. A second car then hit her broadside. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in either of the vehicles. Later that day she went to the yard to take photos of her car. It was a mangled mess. She thought for sure her car was going to be a total. The body shop owner told her his shop could fix the car and restore to it back to original condition. He showed her the new frame machine and gave her a brief introduction on how her car would be repaired. Needless to say, she was amazed.

So how does this new technology work? The machine uses an ISO 9001:2000 certified anchoring system that locks the vehicle to a flatbed surface. This allows the vehicle frame to pull safely in any direction using ten-ton hydraulic jack towers. They stretch and shift the frame until it lines up with specific marks on the bottom rails. Assortments of specially designed accessories are also used. They attach to the car frame and to the hydraulic towers. The towers are then rotated using hand-held remote controls that are located on both ends of the machine. This marvelous technology allows an infinite number of adjustments. The mechanic can pull the frame in any direction he wants it to go as he walks around using the remote controls. The result is a completely restored frame. Any of the surface damage can now repaired using standard methods and Bondo. Once the repairs are complete, the car is then repainted and return to the owner good as new.

Modern technology continues to improve all aspects of our lives. In the case of an automobile accident, it is improving chassis straightening. Not all body shops will have this newest technology. Therefore, it is necessary to inquire about it before your car is repaired. There are plenty of websites making finding a good body shop as easy as one, two, and three. One such website is Auto Body Hub. Simply key in your zip code, choose the shop, then get your vehicle repaired.

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