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Performing car body work is a tough job for anyone – even for the professionals at car body shops. It involves painting, cleaning, tuning, customizing and not to mention, an eye for the slightest imperfections. Car body work is sometimes as much an art as it is a science. At the same time, cars are vulnerable to certain things like rust and run the risk of getting damaged on the road. A car demands a lot of work and maintenance for those who truly care about his or her automobile.

Around the nation, there are several car body shops and service centers where car owners may have car body work performed. Before anyone can attempt to do the car body work, it is important to have an isolated environment for the job. It is required for all the work to be done free of dust or other elements that could hamper the job. In addition, a lot of materials and equipment is typically needed to complete the process. This includes newspapers, mechanic tools, mask (for the mechanic’s breathing and protection), air compressor, a large supply of paint for the car, primer, Xylol, car paint lacquer, rags, lamps and lights and much more.

Once the facilities and the equipment have been set-up, all the required parts of the car need to be removed (spoilers, side panels, etc.). The mechanic starts by prepping the surface of the car and if the paint is being done, sands off the existing layers of paint. Parts made of rubber or glass need to be covered with tape to protect it from paint.

As a note of caution, painting the car requires a lot of precision and having enough paint on hand is critical. As a rule of thumb, all of the required materials should be available at your finger tips. If you have to stop and start, the results will not meet expectations. When the paint preparations are done right, the mechanic can spray the car with a spotless and consistent coat.

Once the surface is ready for painting, a primer layer is applied to begin the body work. It is important not to confuse car body work primer with a primer used on the interior of a home. Automotive body primers are specially made to withstand the environmental elements you car may encounter. An atomizing spray gun is used to apply the primer in an even fashion. Because the primer serves as a foundation for a smooth and consistent paint job, it is critical to apply two coats of primer to ensure even coverage. After the two primer coats, the surface is sanded again to prep for paint. Finally, two coats of paint (note: it is important to know what kind of paint is used as certain paints require Lacquer to harden) is needed to finish the job.

For the average consumer, completing this process is out of reach. The equipment and facilities required create a cost barrier, forcing them to seek professional help at a local body shop. To find a reputable list of car body work shops in your area, The Auto Body Hub provides a list of dent removal and automotive paint shops from business owners eager to earn your business.

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