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Insurance and Mechanical Repair Working Together For You

Making sure the policy you purchase also includes Auto Body Repair and Collision Insurance is an absolute must for a few reasons. Not only are there people who drive recklessly but also damage can occur due to weather problems. Many people who live in areas where it gets icy and slushy know exactly how hazardous driving conditions can get. Having a policy that covers all damage to the car will assure them that it retains the resale value when it is time to replace it.

When purchasing auto insurance it is usually necessary to bundle a collision package with the quote. In order to have the vehicle repaired there is a need for either full coverage, under insured motorist or uninsured motorist within the language of the policy. This covers the car you are driving if the other party is responsible and their policy does not completely cover their liability. There is always a deductible that must be paid prior to the benefits of the insurance kicking in which can be up to 1000.00. The actual cash value is paid to the shop for repairs to the car.

Auto body and Collision Related Mechanical Repair can become rather expensive. Most insurance companies usually require that at least three quotes from licensed repair shops are given. In due course of business the lowest quote is usually accepted. Once the shop receives the automobile it will begin the job once the parts needed are in and available.

Smaller dents and dings are a cinch to repair. Most shops use a plastic resin compound to work into the crevice or hole and allow it to harden. A sanding job to smooth it out then repainting it is all that is needed. If there is major damage the job will require much more invasive work. Medium dents or crushed parts can be completely replaced such as a fender or bumper. This takes less time and work but is still a chore. Sometimes the job will entail the pulling of the imperfection with tools then a resin filler over what is left. Once the resin hardens and it is time to begin the detailing a technique is used that creates a feathered edge which gradually melds with the paint that remains on the car so the ultimate outcome is a smooth finish without any sign of the work that was done.

All the mechanical repairs must also be done with just as much precision. Once there has been an accident the entire structure of the automobile has been compromised. Because every part of the car from the frame to the wheels and the steering are all connected nowadays it is especially important that the repairmen have a finely tuned working knowledge of the proper way to realign the entire system. If this is not done properly than there is little chance that the car will go home and be safe to drive.

Each part of the process is important from the insurance policy that is purchased to the repair job that is done. If one piece is out of place there will be trouble in the future even if you do not know it. Finding both at reasonable prices should be first in your mind but once they are in place life will be easier for all.

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