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It happened; someone hit your car while it was parked; now you have to find someone to do an auto body paint job and some frame repair on your car. If you've ever had auto body work done on your vehicle, it can be a daunting, almost scary, to find one that you know will do a good job with quality materials and not charge you an arm and a leg.

How do you find such a place? You could ask friends and family, but that takes time, and can be biased. Or you could call your insurance agent, however, they'll typically send you to the lowest bidder and that does not give much confidence in the quality of the work they will perform.

The internet is also a good source of information, but unless you get to talk to a lot of their customers (if they will talk), you may not get an accurate picture and it takes a lot of time to perform the research. If you have the time you could visit the shops in your area and assess the quality of their work.

So what do you do? You find a referral service that has already done all the leg work for you. They have checked out the shops, gotten customer feedback, and done a check with the Better Business Bureau. A good referral service has crunched all the numbers and can give you the best options in your area for restoring your automobile to like new condition in the shortest time possible.

Auto Body Hub is an example of a type of website that can accelerate the search for a reliable auto body repair shop. On the Auto Body Hub, start by entering your location by zip code and their search engine finds the closest shop that can complete the needed repairs. The website will usually list more than one shop who can perform auto body paint. To get price estimates you will need to call the shops individually.
After you have received the auto body paint quotes, send them to your insurance provider and have them determine which quote will be covered. If your insurance does not cover a rental car, some shops will offer a car as part of their service.

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